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Helpful Tips on What to Wear

What in the world do I wear to my portrait session?!?

This is a common question by many clients, so don’t feel like you are the only one struggling on this decision. I have a hard enough time picking what I want to wear on a daily basis, so I know that it is a much harder choice for special events that are being documented!  Have no fear yall!  I will gladly share with you some helpful tips to make this decision making process much less stressful!  For those of you who are visiting this page for the first time, welcome!  I am Myrna and I run this page and I am also the owner of Myrna Loy Photography!
First of all, in my portrait sessions I like for my client to:
  • Be comfortable
  • Love what they are wearing
  • And don’t be scared to show their personalities
Those are the biggest tips I have offer you!  But, let’s get started with the nitty gritty! 🙂


1.  Create and Decide on a Color Scheme

Before creating a color scheme decided on what you will be doing with the photos.  Will you be using them for a specific holiday card (i.e. Reds, Golds, Greens for Christmas Cards)?  Was your goal to have portraits taken so you can fill up that above the mantel dead space?  If so, wear things that coordinate with your living room colors!  You living room will look like you designed it off the photo colors!  Perfect!  Anyways, you get where I am going with that.  If you are still struggling with a color scheme here are a few examples to get your creative juices running.
flora blue frosted brights underwater hues


2.  Select a Focal Piece

If you have a color scheme chosen GREAT!  But for those that are still unsure of what colors they should use head on over to a fabric store.  I know, I that sounds a bit out of place with photography.  While you are in the fabric store look for a Focal Piece just as you would when you decorate a room.  Find a piece with a few colors that appeals to you.  There you go, you have a focal piece with all those beautiful colors that you can also incorporate in your portraits!

3.  How Many Colors?

If you have too many colors it will take away from the most important part of the picture – YOU!  I would recommend sticking to no more than three main colors.  I don’t consider neutrals a color when it comes to portraits.  So those browns, whites, and blacks don’t count.  If you use any of those, I would stick to only one in addition to your 3 main colors.

4.  Layering and Accessorizing

Scarves, jewelry, headbands, cardigans are all wonderful ways to vamp up the personality in your photos.  These should be added-if you want-after you have chosen your color scheme.  That is unless a piece of fantastic jewelry is your focal piece!  Use layering and accessorizing as a tool to help individualize each person in the photo to keep from everyone looking exactly the same – while following the color scheme.

5.  Split up the Colors and make sure no one gets the short end of the stick

Break up the 3 main colors within all the individuals in the group.  You aren’t just investing in the photographer’s time and talent, but you want to invest yourselves in a fun and eye-pleasing color scheme for your photos as well.  This will make for an awesome and beautiful photo!!  The example below shows what I mean by breaking up the colors in the group so everyone isn’t so matchy matchy.  Also, make sure no one gets the short end of the stick.  Everyone should feel great and confident in the clothes that they are wearing! 🙂
Photo Credit to Mollie Tobias Photography


Once you pick out your colors just lay it all out on the bed and see how it looks together.  From there you can add or remove garments if you feel it necessary.  If you need inspiration, Pinterest

is a great place to start!  Also, I am here to help you with your decisions!  That is part of my Pre-Session Consultation if you need the help!  Besides, I LOVE clothes!

Thanks for visiting my blog and hope that you found this very helpful in planning your next portrait session!
Book your session with Myrna Loy Photography by filling out my CONTACT FORM!  I will be glad to help you create some amazing photos to enjoy for a lifetime!

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