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Derek & Misha &#124 Floyd Lamb Park

After only speaking to Misha over E-mail, I was excited to meet her in person!  She sounded so much fun and super sweet – and boy what I right!  This session was very unique due to all the beautiful peacocks that were all over the park.  I just couldn’t believe the amount of them and how close they actually let you get.  By no means was I trying to invade their space, but at one point one walk right next to me as I was sitting on the ground shooting this adorable couple.  It scared me for a moment as I prayed it would hurry and walk away before it decided that it wanted to attack me, haha!

Anyways, prior to the session I got out of the car in amazement and took some shots of the animals that I saw for the 10 minutes I explored prior to Derek and Misha showing up.  From the first photo to the very last one, these two REALLY showed their love for each other.  With every pose, their gaze at each other had so much love behind their eyes it was beautiful.  The moments at this session were very special and I am so honored to have captured this for this lovely couple.

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