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Lake Mead, NV &#124 Levi + Patti

I have to say, since the first email that I received from Patti I was itching to meet her and her hubby!  As we were running through ideas for their couples session, I asked her what did they like to do together as a couple.  She named off a handful of hobbies and they were all outdoorsy adventurous things.  Patti and Levi love fishing, camping, four-wheeling, guns, and horses.  I was so excited to meet this couple because me and my husband enjoy the same things!  With much in common already, meeting them in person felt like I have known them forever.

Levi and Patti are two amazing people and they make such a great couple and really show their love for one another!  It was an honor to capture these special moments and expressions for them to have for generations to come.

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