Well hello there, MLP Family!

It has been quite sometime since I have posted.  I just wanted to get you up to date on what is happening with MLP and my family.  It has been an exciting and TIRING few months.  Many changes have taken place.  So why all crickets???

While my husband was on a TDY (a short military task) I found out that we are expecting our very first child!  So yes, in addition to our already “furry four-legged kids” we are actually having a REAL BABY!!!!  Just last week we found out we are being gifted a wittle baby GIRL!   The whole pregnancy, up until we found out the gender, me and almost everyone else swore it was a boy!  We were ALL wrong!  Just last night we decided on the perfect name for a baby girl.  Her name is Nora Mae.  We are expecting this bundle of joy come March 2014!

Where did we come up with Nora Mae?  Well, I have always wanted a name that is different (with my name, you wouldn’t expect anything different, right?) but was easy to read, spell and pronounce.  I also wanted a unique, classic/vintage, feminine, and southern bellish name.  After two days of going through tons of names and not agreeing on ANY of them, I decided to give it a bit of time instead of pressuring to find a name NOW.  I had downloaded the Baby Name app on my phone, and apparently it suggests  names daily.  I woke up yesterday morning and the name they suggested was Nora.  I actually thought it was super awesome!  When I presented it to my husband, I thought he hated it due to his silence.  In reality, he was saying it in his head with the middle name Mae – a middle name that I have liked for quite some time now.  We both agreed that it was perfect and it sounded so good together!  Just to be sure, we looked through more names and nothing came close to how much we loved Nora Mae!  I was one of those who yelled, whispered, and called out the name to make sure it sounded right in every possible situation – haha!  Hey, it was just another way to be sure it was PERFECT!

Anyways, my personal life is changing ever so drastically and I am loving every minute of it!

As far as MLP, there have been many things changing and events that are coming up.  I decided that I wanted to go green – so that is what I have been working on.  Now, all contracts and welcome packets are digital.  Who doesn’t like convenience?!  Well, that my friends, is very effective when it comes to time management – for both me and my clients.

MLP is also currently booking the second annual mini session event!  During the entire month of November I am offering mini sessions for a great price for those that needs just a quick session.  People like these for many reasons.  Some want just a handful of images for their upcoming holiday cards that they send to their family and friends.  Others may like it because it allows them to get a yearly update on the family photo without the price of a normal one, when all they are wanting is a new photo for their mantle.  There are many many reasons that people LOVE these mini sessions.  Want to know more about my offer for this event, click here to learn more!  Dates, times, locations, and many other FAQs regarding these session are available there!

Well, my friends!  I think I have yapped on long enough.  I hope you have a fantastic rest of the week!!







October 7, 2013

Where has Myrna been?!?!


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