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Hello again!!!  Exciting news here!  Myrna Loy Photography is FINALLY a member of the Magic Hour Foundation!  It has been a few months since applying for such an amazing charitable opportunity for MLP.  Yesterday, I received my acceptance email and I am so excited!  I felt like it was definitely an event worth blogging over.

If you have never heard of the Magic Hour Foundation I would love to clue you in on what it is all about.  The Magic Hour Foundation truly believes in two things – family and memories.  This foundation is a group of photographers who donate their time and talent to individuals and families who are fighting cancer.  The idea behind this foundation is to make them feel normal, relaxed, and to just have some fun.  Sometimes when things are hard it is nice to sometimes forget about all the craziness that goes on.  Not only are these photos special to these wonderful people battling cancer, but also the family members that love them so dearly.  No matter how the battle may end, there will always be lovely memories captured of such amazing and strong individuals.

If you would like to become a member or would like to schedule a session for you or someone else that is battling cancer, simply click on the Magic Hour Foundation badge at the top of this blog.  You will be routed to their website.  It is truly an honor being a new member of this amazing foundation!

I am so beyond blessed and excited about this opportunity and I absolutely can not wait until I meet my first client!  In the meantime, my thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by cancer.

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