I cannot even begin to say how excited I am when I have the opportunity to photograph a couple so much in love!  As these two get ready for their big day, they set aside time to be themselves and to allow me to capture those moments to enjoy forever.  Love radiates from these two like they just fell in love with each other yesterday!  Those expressions when you gaze at one another, kiss the one-and-only that you are about to marry, and totally be yourselves is absolutely priceless.

I had the honor of capturing the love between a Fireman and his soon-to-be wife.  The future of a wonderful life together began with a kiss and moments like that should be documented to share with generations to come.  To be able to show your children how in love their parents were and continue to be is a wonderful gift – true love is amazing!

Fire Truck Engagement Session

As a Fire Fighter, your job is to protect and help those in danger.  Now that he is engaged to such a wonderful women, he shows that she is one that he will protect and love forever.



I wish nothing but endless love, lots of date nights, laughter, and everything else in between for this engaged couple.  As they take each other’s hands come April 2014, they will join in matrimony and love unconditionally.


Candice and Cody, Congratulations on your engagement!  May your memories continue to grow just as your love does!

November 13, 2013

Fire Truck Engagement Session | Candice & Cody


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