Lisa has been a friend of mine for a while now and getting to see her handsome young man grow up is truly a blessing.  Lisa was one of the first to book a mini session with me when I first announced them for the holidays.  I couldn’t wait to capture this little one’s personality and of course Lisa’s beauty.

Roman’s dad is currently deployed and will be missing his first Christmas.  I know he won’t remember this time when he is older but we all know how important the first of everything is.  Dan, thank you for your service and everything you do.  Your sacrifice to our country is appreciated!  You have a truly amazing family that will be here with smiles on their faces and ready for hugs and kisses for when you return.  Lisa has a great support group here that loves her to pieces, so no need to worry about them being lonely.  We will all keep them very busy, not that Roman doesn’t already do that!  hehe

Can’t wait to make Christmas Cookies with these two!

Oh, and don’t forget to check out their video at the bottom of this post!



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November 14, 2013

A Mother & Her Son | Lisa & Roman

  1. Lisa says:

    Thank you for all your time, hard work and love that you put into our photo. You were able to capture Roman’s personality in these photos and that means a lot to me. I love them. And the video is a great bonus! I’m blessed to have you for a friend!

  2. myrnaloyphotography says:

    You are so very welcome!! Glad you loved the video! I feel the same way, you guys are great! Can’t wait for cookie night!!


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