A couple months ago, I offered a few complimentary Glamour Sessions.  I had quite a few applicants but only three would win these sessions.  They were to apply and share a few things about them.  There were lots of wonderful and very touching biographies that they all submitted.  Thank goodness this was an electronic drawing by their application number, because I would have had a very hard time choosing!  All the women that applied are very deserving of such an opportunity, let alone a session just for them.  Hopefully one day I will be able to work with each and every one of them to show them how beautiful and special they are – inside and out!

Katie, a fellow military spouse, was one of the three to win this amazing session.  We met at the Springs Preserve here in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Katie is so super duper stunning and we got some amazing images!    She has such and outgoing and loving personality! Working with her was such a pleasure!  So Katie, thank you so very much for being so awesome and letting me show you how beautiful you actually are!

Us women always see a different image of ourselves.  I think we just got “lucky” to have this trait in our genes. (Total sarcasm there!)  We see ourselves in the mirror everyday and we notice every little flaw.  In reality, all of those things that we consider “flaws” are things that make us all unique and beautiful in our very own way.  To see our own true beauty is difficult – I know.  Trust me when I say that you are all beautiful!

As a women photographer and knowing what it takes to be a women, I felt that it was necessary to add these types of sessions within my expertise for Myrna Loy Photography.  Not only are these sessions great for giving you that crazy awesome boost of confidence, but also a great gift for your special someone.  Can you imagine the look on your significant other’s face when you give them a gift with images of the one they love most!?!  Christmas, Valentines Day, a Deployed Husband, Birthday, or Anniversary?  These are all wonderful times to present such a beautiful gift to that special person!



November 26, 2013

Katie’s Glamour Session | Springs Preserve, Las Vegas


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