Hello again my lovely fans!!  I know it has been sometime since I have actually written a personal blog post – my apologies!  So here I am catching you up on our sweet Nora Mae! {Due March 27th}

As of today Nora Mae has been baking for 23 weeks and 5 days.  She is about 1 pound and around 11.5 inches long from head to heel.  I absolutely can not believe how fast time is flying!

My pregnancy thus far has been a breeze! (As I knock on my hubby’s head!)  I have been so blessed to not have any morning sickness, food cravings, or even an increased appetite.  If it wasn’t for the growing belly, the ultrasounds, and her amazing movements, I would have never known I was preggo.

The past couple days now she has been dancing, tumbling, tap dancing or something.  That girl has energy!  This is my first pregnancy so sometimes the movements feel so strange.  Some of her movements remind me of the Alien movies, haha!  Yes, I totally just said that!  It is honestly a beautiful experience!  Feeling it from the inside is one thing but having those moments when you can see your tummy move is so incredible!

Getting the news that Daddy will miss her grand debut was quite heartbreaking.  I am a pretty independent person but I have to admit that this one got to me.  Being that it is our first baby it is sometimes a little scary thinking that he won’t be here.  In light of it all, I have a wonderful support group within our military community that are there for me whenever I may need it.  I am also trying to convince my mom (who doesn’t like to fly at all) to fly out here with me for  a couple months.  She has another month to think about how many boxes of Benadryl she will need to step foot on the plane, wink wink.  If you are reading this Mom, yes whether you like it or not I am going to get you on that darn plane!

Since my baby bump is growing ever so slightly each week, I have been taking “bumpdates” every few weeks.  So, here is last weeks photo at 22 weeks and 4 days.

22 Weeks Pregoo


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December 2, 2013

Myrna’s Preggo Update!


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