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My Christmas Helpers Have Gotten Lazy!

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Oh how I love Christmas!  Friends, family, Christmas music, gingerbread, eggnog, lights and decorations, Santa, snow (even though there isn’t much of that in Las Vegas), hot cocoa and coffee.  All the things that I love about Christmas.

I have to admit my least favorite part is “fluffing” the tree.  I think every year I tell my husband, “Screw it, let’s just put this up and go get a real tree.”  But once it is all fluffed up and the lights are on, I feel much better about the process.  The holiday cheer is now back in gear!

My dogs, AKA Doggers (pup version of Daughters), are always around while decorating the tree.  Kenzi and Lyla love it!  I think Kenzi likes it more for the fact that the little lights on the tree create what we like to call “bugs.”  She loves reflections of things and now knows what items create “bugs.”  When you break out your phone, a DVD, or anything with a shiny surface she immediately looks around the room to look for those “bugs.”  Silly girl!  Lyla is just my lovable Pit Bull mix.  She loves being around people, especially when they can potentially be a snuggle suspect.  She loves the heat!  In fact, she is laying in front of a space heater than is in my office.  I like to say I turn it on for myself, but here’s to admitting that she is just spoiled rotten!  Shhhh…our secret.

Kenzi and Lyla being the loving and nosy pups that they are, were hovering around us while putting the lights up.  Our last round of lights came up and my husband and I decided to take a little break.  We handed over the lights to the “Doggers” and told them that they were in charge of putting up the last stand, since they were so intrigued.  Welp, break time was over and they just decided that they were going to be lazy and take a break also.  Oh well, they looked super cute wrapped in all the lights!  Love them to pieces!

I can’t wait to add another little one to our little family!  Only 15 weeks to go for Miss Nora Mae!


Dog's Christmas


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