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Project 52

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I have created a mediocre “I want to do/accomplish” list for Myrna Loy Photography.  One of which I will share with all of you today!  For 2014 I have decided to participate in a Project 52 with some fellow photographers.

I am super excited about this project!  I have to admit, I have tried to do this before but never stuck with it.  This time, with the motivation and the honor of doing such project with a wonderful team of photographers makes this much more fun.  It’s kind of like going to the gym, easier when you have someone motivating you.

What is Project 52??

Well my friends, Project 52 is a weekly “assignment” for us photographers for – you guessed it – 52 weeks.  Every week we will take a photo of a pre-determined idea or theme.  These themes are put together to help us use our creativity and push us beyond our boundaries allowing us to learn and experience more possibilities.  It is a chance to keep our cameras in our hands and always practicing what we love most – photography.   By then end of 2014 I, along with all the other participating photographers, will have a variety of awesome photos and will have learned so much in the process.

The Idea…

For example, the word is pink.   In this case, I may take a photo of a woman with hot pink lips or heels.  Or maybe even a pink house.  The possibilities are endless.  This keeps our creativity running wild and free, as well as keeps our cameras in our hands at all times.  You never know when the perfect photo will come about.

Sharing my photos…

Starting January 5th I will share my first Project 52 photo with all of you, as well as every Sunday after that.  I will call this my “Project 52 Sweet Shot Sunday – Week (#)” along with the word or theme used for that photo.

Want to follow me on this creative journey?

Following me on the journey and seeing all my weekly images as I share them is easy peasey.  All you have to do is just subscribe to my newsletter and you will receive the notifications via email.  Don’t worry, you can manage your subscription at the bottom of each email, it isn’t a lifetime commitment. (wink wink)

This is going to be such a blast!!! 

Project 52 Photo Challenge

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