With a newborn on the way, I am already thinking about her first Christmas next year.  Call me crazy if you want, haha!  I am so excited to start some Christmas traditions with her!

In the meantime, I will share a few ways you can capture Christmas morning with your kids.  Have fun with it!  Don’t be scared to take a ton of photos, better chances of getting that perfect photo that way.

Three tips on getting those awesome photos…

1. BE READY!  Like seriously, we all know how fast these little buggers can go when they are excited.  I know you may not like this one that much, as it requires you to get up early.  I promise you won’t regret it.  Get up before your kiddos do.  We all know that kids don’t really sleep well the night before Christmas, so get up extra early and sneak downstairs first.  Go into the room where your Christmas tree is and break out your smartphone or your camera.  Have it on and ready for when they come downstairs.  Take a test shot of where they will come in from before you call them in if you want.  Once they come down the stairs (or around the corner) you have the perfect opportunity to capture those smiling faces.

2. We all know that the expressions don’t stop there.  After every present they open, you will get another surprised face.  Now this doesn’t mean that you have to take a photo with every present and every kid.  That could get a little overwhelming for you.  Be ready to take a photo of the reactions on their faces when they see what they got.  These photos are much better than the “Daniel, show me what you got!” photo.  You won’t get the same great happy face that they had when they first saw the present.  Let them be kids and open their presents, no need to have them pose with every gift they get.  It is more fun for the kids that way too.

3. With number 2 in mind, it is ok to take a few shots showing details and closeups of their smiling faces.  Take those photos of their little hands ripping open the wrapping paper or of their legs covered in shredded up wrapping paper.  Don’t be scared to get creative.

BONUS TIP: Just as we all enjoy looking at all the wonderful memories that you captured on Christmas morning, there is always one thing missing.  You.  Just because you are taking control of the camera doesn’t mean that you can’t hand the camera over to a spouse or an older sibling to snap a few shots of you on Christmas morning.  This totally makes the photos complete seeing everyone in the family.


Christmas Morning with KidsChristmas Traditions…

A Christmas tradition I plan on doing with our little Nora next year is to let her open one present and then read a Christmas story and Hot Cocoa (of course this will be when she is a bit older) before bed.  I also want to make a special breakfast every Christmas –  not sure what I would make yet.  I would love to hear your ideas on this!

Leave me a comment below and tell me the Christmas traditions that you and your family have?

DON’T FORGET!  Share these awesome tips with your friends and family so they can get some great photos as well.  Click the Facebook button below to share the love.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend! XOXO

December 20, 2013

Three ways to capture Christmas with your kids



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