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Project 52 | Week 4 | Winter

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Winter theme + Las Vegas = one tough challenge!

If you live in or have ever been to Las Vegas you know that the winter here is very short and not that….wintery.  This past week we even got up to 70 degrees.  I mean we do have Mount Charleston about 45 minutes away where there is some snow.  From our view it doesn’t look like they have much up there this year.  This just meant that I had to get creative or think outside the box a little bit.

Some of my ideas were pretty awesome but with the week time frame and lack of motivation to get my pregnant self out n’ about kept me from experimenting with those ideas.  Things like snow angels in the sand (a sarcastic one for sure) or paper snowflakes hanging from a palm.  I have to say I did cut out one snowflake but then wondered how I had the patience to do that as a kid, haha!

So, with the short time frame and lack of motivation to get out of PJ’s, I was on the hunt for something around me that reminds me of those wintery days back home in North Carolina.  That is when I found my Peppermint Yankee Candle.  Looking at and smelling that candle makes me reminiscent on fireplaces, scarves, coffee or hot cocoa, and the cold winter chill.

What does this image say to you?

Dining room center piece


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