Simplicity: the state, quality, or an instance of being simple. (

This is our first pregnancy (due March 27, 2014) and there are several reasons why I relate this time in our lives to the theme simplicity.

First of all, this pregnancy has been so easy on me.  Thank goodness.  With extremely minimal side effects I can say that after almost 33 weeks, I am just now beginning to experience very minor back pain.  I am extremely thankful that these last 8 months have gone by so swiftly.  Simple pregnancy?  I would say so.  Knock on wood if we have a second child.

Also, who knew that something so simple could make such an impact on my life.  I am beyond excited to meet her and I am so much in love with her already.  To see her, touch her, rock her, and do all the motherly things, I am honestly anxious to meet this lil one.

Life may be simple now and I know that I am up for quite the challenge bringing a child into this world.   I also happen to know that she is my life, my world, and my daughter.  We will have many tiring nights, cranky moments, and messy times, but I am beyond ready for this challenge as a new mother.  The little things in life are truly what matter most.

This weeks photo is of myself at just over 8 months pregnant (32 weeks and 4 days to be exact).  With some amazing light and lovely technology of a self-timer and tripod, I captured a moment and a memory that I will never forget.  Ever.

Las Vegas Maternity Portrait


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February 4, 2014

Project 52 | Week 5 | Theme: Simplicity


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