June 14, 2014, the day our baby girl got her ears pierced!  Little did she know what was coming when we were taking our trip to the mall.  I had a friend go with me so that I could take these photos.  Thank you, Tabatha!  You were such a big help and we enjoyed your company as always.

She was sleeping so soundly right before it was time for her ear piercing.


Being from the south and owning quite a few pearls myself, I couldn’t help but get Nora her first pearls as well.  So yes, we went with pearls not diamonds.  We got the smaller pearl earring that looks like they may have a slight pink tint to them.  Aren’t they just adorable!?


Time to prep with the marking of the dots.  She was so antsy from me waking her up that we had a time getting those dots on.  That is when we broke out the bottle to keep her still for the moment.


Elephant ears, haha!  All looked great so on with the process.  She is so happy after the dotting.  Little does she know what was coming next.


Ear number one spooked her for sure!  She has such a cute cry face, haha!


And now for ear number two.  All done!!  YAY!


Doesn’t she just look so flipping cute?!?  About a minute after getting upset, she was quickly calmed down with her bottle and mama comforting her.  She is such a trooper and did so well!


We are now home and very happy.  Oh, and oh so cute of course!  I just LOVE the pearls on her!

June 14, 2014

Nora gets her ears pierced!

  1. Mariko Agundez says:

    Omg she is toooooooo cute!!!! Especially I love her face crying.


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