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The most beautiful thing I have ever read….

I was getting ready one afternoon to have dinner with my friend at The Cheesecake Factory.  My phone lit up with a facebook notification.  It was to tell me that someone has tagged me.  I click on it to see what it could be.  It was not what I expected, that’s for sure!  My friend/client that I initally met and photographed her newborn in Las Vegas and photographed here recently in North Carolina posted photos I took.  They were photos from the newborn session and from their recent cake smash/family session from May this year.  Not only did she post the photos but she wrote the most heartwarming and wonderful rave about me and Myrna Loy Photography.  I was so over the moon after reading it.  Thank you Mariko for such kind words!  I love capturing your family’s milestones and I look forward to many more to come!

Her review went like this….

Myrna is an amazing, reliable, creative, smart, patient and considerate photographer!
She was hand picked to take my son’s newborn, 1st birthday and family portraits and all I can say about her is…. she is awesome!
My son was just 10 days old when we scheduled his newborn picture session in Las Vegas and we wanted him to sleep but, sometimes during the session, he got fussy and didn’t want to close his eyes. Myrna picked him up, sang to him, which in turn calmed him down to our amazement because at the time she didn’t have any children of her own. She is very patient and understanding of your families needs.
The location of the photo shoot was in our bedroom and our son’s room. But as you can see, the photos don’t have the look of being taken at home. They look like they were taken at a professional (and more costly) photo studio. That’s what makes Myrna Loy’s Photography feel and look like magic. She is not the standard cookie cutter company; she is creative and always has ideas that are out of the box.
My favorite picture is one featuring my son sleeping in the basket on his dresser. I often see pictures of newborn babies in baskets but I have never seen one like this. We didn’t plan to take photos with Rory our family dog, but when we almost got everything done, I asked Myrna if she could take pictures of Rory too. Myrna said yes we could do that, and caught very precious moments of my son with Rory.
When my son turned 4 months old, we had to relocate to Virginia. I always thought that I would want Myrna to take my son’s 1st birthday photos and realized that this was not going to happen. But luckily when my son was 13 month old, she visited her hometown in NC and we were able to coordinate another session with her. Yay for us!!!!! This time, my son was more mobile and it was hard at times to control him and our dog Rory. But Myrna, using her extraordinary skills, capitalized on her skills and knew by instinct the moments that she had to catch greatly handling both of my babies.
We had a smash cake on the grass late in the evening to avoid brightness and then drove to the beach for family portraits before the sunset. There were many pre-session coordination measures and Myrna handled them expertly without delay. She never rushed us and remained confident that she could do everything we requested during the limited session time. I didn’t have to worry about anything. The most memorable moment of the session was when she took photos of my husband and me. During these photos, Myrna proceeded to hold my son and Rory (who was on a leash) in ONE ARM and take pictures with the other. OMG, I wish I could have taken a photo of her with my camera at that moment! Who does, thinks, or is more creative/resourceful than that, no one that I have personally met!! We never asked her to hold both the baby and dog she just offered and like a true professional, made it happen. I personally think that she is the only photographer out there willing and able to do that. Myrna can handle anything.
In the end, the session was great, the photos were amazing and our family will have these memories for years to come.
If you are searching through the Internet or within your community for a true expert, I strongly advise that you pick Myrna Loy Photography.

Isn’t is amazing?!?


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