When people think of portraits they think of the milestones in their lives or to update the family photo.  Times like a pregnancy with maternity portraits, the birth of your baby with newborn portraits, when baby turns one with a cake smash session, senior portraits when they graduate high school, and when they grow up, find love, and tie the knot with their special someone.  Those are the most common times to get your portraits done.

What about those in between special moments?   Like baking cookies, playing at the beach or backyard, snuggling in bed, taking a walk, or in this case reading books and riding bikes.  Those moments in between all those big milestones are just as important and make for some oh-so-precious memories to have for generations.  Lifestyle sessions really show the bond and love that a family (or couple) have for one another.

Lifestyle sessions are so much fun and can really allow me and you to get as creative as we would like with your session.   Can you think of that special activity or bonding activity that you and your family share?  Well, let’s capture that special memory!

This is the third time I got to photograph Skylar.  She has such pretty, big blue eyes.  She has quite the personality, too!  I love it and her!  Otter, the pup, is the sweetest companion to his mini human.  Their relationship is truly amazing!


Would love to hear what you and your loved one(s) do to bond or for fun!  Make sure you leave a comment below with your answer.  You may just inspire someone to incorporate your activity within their family!

July 7, 2014

Story time | Las Vegas Lifestyle Photographer


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Supper in the front yard made with fresh veggies from the family garden and homemade sourdough artisan bread, goats and chickens, and horses to ride. The most relaxed and sentimental family session with the most amazing family.

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