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Nora Mae turns 4 months | Las Vegas Lifestyle Photographer

Four months old already…Whaaaaatt?!?!

Just four short and somehow super quick months ago we introduced our Miss Nora Mae.  Man does time really fly!  She is everything we could ever wish for [and more] in a child.  Nora has quite the personality, as well as being a super smart little girl.  She has most of her daddy’s looks, minus my nose, hair, and face shape.  Yes, I said hair!  If you have seen recent photos of me you are probably like “Do whaaaaaaat?!?!”  Shockingly, I had the same color hair as Nora up until maybe 1 or 2 years old before it started getting to it’s current dark brown color.  Little fun fact for today. 😉

Nora is eating baby oatmeal like nobody’s business, can hold her own weight standing, rolls over, talks like I put coffee in her milk (I swear I don’t!), smiles, giggles, kicks those feet like a ninja, and is just down right a happy baby!  She is, however, going through a fussy stage – teething!  Yikes.  Poor girl.  Sometimes I call her a “walker” (for you Walking Dead fans).  If I hold her hands she will frantically shove my hand/fingers in her mouth and bite really hard.  It is actually quite hysterical if I do say so myself.  Ha!

Not much longer and her daddy will be home to enjoy all of these wonderful milestones that she is so rapidly going through and developing.  We just can’t wait!  I have a countdown widget on my phone, but who is counting anyways? 😉

Every month I take her monthly photo.  This month being 4 months old.  When she gets older she will have some wonderful photos to show her kids of her growing up.   Her daddy is going to kill me for even mentioning that thought!  As a photographer, sometimes it is hard to remember to take photos of our own family.  Simply because we are so wrapped up in capturing moments in everyone else’s families that sometimes we forget to break out the camera for our own.  As a lifelong promise, I promise to myself and Nora that I will continue to capture her milestones, birthdays, and just her being her.  Pinky promise!!

Hope you enjoy her four month portraits as much as I do!  These are hands down my favorite one’s of her so far!  Love them!  Oh, and a special thanks to my cousin and wonderful friend, Asia, for the gorgeous and super fun dress!  Just another piece to remind us of home. 🙂

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Lifestyle PhotographerLifestyle PhotographerLifestyle PhotographerLifestyle PhotographerLifestyle PhotographerLifestyle PhotographerLifestyle PhotographerLifestyle Photographer


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