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The Urban Family // Las Vegas Mini Sessions

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2014 Las Vegas Mini Sessions were super awesome. The Urban family really topped it off! Make sure you sign up for VIP Access to get first dibs on spots for 2015 Mini Sessions!

The Urban Family was so so so sweet and I had the honor of capturing their very first family photo during my Las Vegas Mini Sessions in the desert. Yay!

First of all, I LOVED mom’s curly red hair! Like reeeeeally loved it! Man, I miss my long hair. When I got home I just had to break out my super awesome Infinity Curl Secret because I was craving some curls after this session. I really like this tutorial for learning to create perfect curls.

Ok Myrna, stay on track….

Their handsome little man was super cute and I think he loved the motorcycles that drove by more than anything. He was oh-so adorable about it. When one would drive by he would say, motorcycle in the sweetest and most excited toddler talk ever. It sounded like “mow-her-hi-cle.” If you guys can imagine that, your heart is more than likely melting at this very moment.

It was such a pleasure photographing the Urban family. Here are a handful of my favorites of this beautiful family. Enjoy!

las vegas mini sessionslas vegas mini sessionslas vegas mini sessions


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