Las Vegas Desert Elopement’s are one of my favorites to photograph. There is just something magical about sticking two individuals¬†who love each other unconditionally in the middle of the desert, whether it be a dry lake bed like this one or an endless patch of cacti and tumble weeds.Emily and Colm’s elopement ceremony vision was brought to life by the talented Victoria from Flora Pop. The location was perfect the decor was perfect the couple was perfect, my heart goes pitter patter just thinking about how wonderful their elopement turned out!

Emily & Colm came all the way from Canada for their special Las Vegas Desert Elopement. It was such an honor to capture their special day and it means so very much that they chose me to photograph it. These two (and their friends) were so much fun. I really love their personalities. In fact, they remind me a lot of me and my husband. Emily is the bubbly, happy-go-lucky kind of gal and Colm is the more relaxed type of guy. They are just perfect for one another.

I love finding out how my bride and groom met and how he proposed. I also enjoy sharing these stories with all of you.

A little something from the Bride herself…

“Me and Big C (Colm) met officially at a pub through friends and I was immediately ‘in like’ with him! He wasn’t from town but working there in the summers as a smoke jumper, so I took him to our dirty lake and made him go skinny dipping that night hahaha. Needless to say we started seeing each other after that.

One day, Colm took me to a jewelry store on our vacation. The same jewelry store my granny used to work at for years and years. I looked at him and said, ‘Why are we going in there? If I see something shiney I am going to want it.’ He said, ‘Let’s just go look.’ Anyways, I soon became obsessed with rings and took him to multiple stores hahahahaha, I am such an animal.

After vacation we were at home talking about getting married and what it would look like and decided that if we did, it would be an elopement. So, obviously I came home with price quotes that night hahaha.

I thought we were just going to elope but what I didn’t know was that he had a ring all along! We were in the kitchen kissing (insert smooch sounds) and then he opened the cupboard door, hitting me in the face and grabbed the ring. He got down on one knee and opened it. What felt like minutes was seconds and I picked up the gem and put it on saying ‘yes.’ He was like ‘I didn’t ask you yet.’ hahahahaha. Then he said, ‘Will you elope with me?’ and I said ‘yes yes yes!’

Oh, and P.S. then we got pregnant in Vegas and our baby is due in November!!!!!”

Congratulations Emily and Colm in more ways than one! Muah! XOXO

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May 8, 2015

Las Vegas Desert Elopement // Emily & Colm

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