It was a beautifully sunny, but very windy day in Las Vegas. We started at the Dry Lake Bed for Tiffany and Corey’s first look and ended the night at The Platinum Hotel for their ceremony. Documenting the wind that blew against Tiffany’s Truvelle Bridal wedding gown was absolutely breathtaking. Tiffany arrived at the Dry Lake Bed shortly before Corey so she could slip into her gown. When she stepped out of her parent’s car, I was completely speechless. She was absolutely gorgeous in her very unique and amazing gown. Once Corey arrived, we were careful to hide his beautiful bride in preparation for their first look.

As Corey anxiously awaited for his bride to tap his shoulder, he had the most eager and excited facial expressions. It was just so cute! I am sure what were only a few seconds felt like hours as he waited for that tap. When Corey caught first glance of his beautiful bride, you could see it in his face that he was filled with love, passion, and happiness. I love first looks, they are so very intimate, special, and make for some pretty amazing set of images.

Following the first look, we went on to capture all of the very special people that came to witness and celebrate Tiffany and Corey’s love and the new beginning of a beautiful chapter in their lives. There were a couple times we had to hide in our cars from the light, short-lived rain, but as you can see, it was totally worth it. The bridesmaids dresses that Tiffany chose were absolutely glamourous and complimented her wedding gown so perfectly.

The entire wedding party and family headed to The Platinum Hotel downtown to prep for Tiffany and Corey’s rooftop ceremony. Tiffany, Corey, and myself made a pitstop to the very first hotel they stayed at as a couple during their first visit to Las Vegas at the Main Street Hotel & Casino. Even though we only had about 10 minutes for this group of portraits, we ended up with a fabulous set of images. I love them all!

As Tiffany and her father stood at the end of the aisle with their closest family surrounding the altar, Corey gazed down the aisle at her with a smile upon his face.  Corey’s vows were probably the best wedding vows I have ever heard from a groom. The bridal party and their guest would agree and they actually toasted about them later. Not only did he share his excitement for their future, but he shared how he felt about Tiffany’s inner and outer beauty. “You are a goddess.” He told her. His words were amazing! As I reviewed the final photos, and came across Tiffany’s reaction to Corey’s beautiful words, I could feel the flood of emotion.  Tiffany also shared an amazing vow with her groom, and brought out a true connection between the two of them as they stood before their loved ones.

As their Platinum Hotel rooftop wedding came to an end, they joined together to toast. The guests raises their glasses congratulate the newlyweds and to welcome them into the family. They ended the night dining, celebrating, and spending time with their loved ones. It was the perfect ending to one stunning small wedding.

Tiffany & Corey,
I cannot even thank you enough for choosing me to be your photographer for this special time in your lives. It was a true honor and a wedding that I will never forget. You both looked on point with such fabulous style. Your love and passion for one another radiated to bright. I wish you many years of love and happiness as your start this amazing chapter in your lives. XOXO, Myrna


August 2, 2015

Dry Lake Bed – Platinum Hotel Las Vegas Elopement // Tiffany & Corey

  1. wow!!! These are stunning photographs! What a beautiful couple! 🙂


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