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Street Team Destination Shoot // Class of 2016

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This year was the first year that I decided to take on a Senior Model Program. I am one lucky lady to have such beautiful, smart, and wonderful gals on my Street Team for the Class of 2016! Love you girls!!

Throughout the year, we have done several fun shoots together. One of them included a fun trip to La Jolla, California for the weekend! It was so much fun and went by way too fast! Anyways, here are some of my favorite photos from our beach shoot. 🙂

My Street Team Beach Shoot started out with a visit to the ice cream truck at La Jolla beach. Lindsey ate nearly all her ice cream before I could get a photo! Still made for a memorable moment. 😉


We laughed so much during this destination shoot. They do say, “Laughter is the best medicine.”

My gorgeous Class of 2016 MLP Street Team, yall!!!!

Oh boy, this is what happens when you take high school seniors to a California beach with shirtless guys walking around. Needless to say, Melodee was so incredibly excited! “OMG, I got a wave!” She said. hehe!


We all went and got pedicures the morning of the shoot. It was coincidence that we all chose a shade of PINK!

There was a hilarious moment before this black and white photo below. Something that I think everyone present will remember forever. There are times when I flash back on it and just start laughing! Oh, Madison, you brought us great pleasure that day!

The day continued with lots of unexpected waves crashing on them. It was hysterical!

Poor Lindsey was a wave magnet and somehow the wave only crashed on her when they were standing next to each other. HAHA!

You see them, now you don’t! HAHAHAHAHA!

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