I am sure by now you have noticed that my post titles are a bit wack when it comes to the location. The whole Guam Photographer title is one of the many things that I am doing as I prepare to move my business to Guam. But I will always explain in the actual post where my shoot is happening for you. 🙂

This fun Fall Trend Shoot I did with some of my 2016 MLP Street Team gals took place in Mount Charleston, right in Las Vegas. Whenever I go to Mount Charleston I feel like I have left the desert completely. It is insanely beautiful and is a nice escape for many locals. Many tourist wouldn’t know this, but there is a Las Vegas Ski Resort at the top and takes about 1.5 hours to get to from the valley. Desert and Ski Resort aren’t typically two places you would hear about it the same general area. Huh?

Prior to this shoot, I organized a, what I like to call, Trend Event. The models that were able to make it to the Fall Shoot came as a group to one of our local Francescas. The store’s stylists helped them pick their outfits. It is coincidence that all three girls got the same rich maroon duster sweater. Great minds.

Mount Charleston is typically about 20 degrees cooler than the Las Vegas Valley. On the way, I stopped at Starbucks to get the girls a beverage to keep their hands warm, but instead two of them wanted frappes. Go figure. Haha, silly girls. To each their own.

During this shoot, I shot both digital and film. It was actually the first session I did with my newest film camera that I got off of eBay. It is a Canon EOS 3, which is 35mm format.  It was super fun to play with film again, as that is what I learned this industry on. There is just a love of film that resides within me and I am so happy that I reconnected with it.

Alexis, Melodee, and Madison were my three Street Team Gals that attended the event. They braved through the cold and looked absolutely fabulous doing it. Alexis had the most amazing purse that ended up being a great prop for some of her photos. She was gifted the purse earlier that day by her mom for her 18th birthday. Madison is pretty stellar at doing fish tail braids and whips it up so fast. It boggles my mind how she does it, because when I try it takes like 45 minutes. HA! Madison’s entire wardrobe was from Francesca and was super cute! Those crochet looking boots are just adorable!

It seems like this shoot ended up as a “Three Ways to Wear a Duster Sweater” guide.  I thought it was great! We have it with jeans, with a skirt and scarf, and with a dress tied with a waist belt. CA-UTE-NESS!

Now on to the photos…..

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December 31, 2015

Fall Trends // Guam Woodsy, Fall, Senior Photographer


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