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Guam Beach Family Portraits | Vacation Photos

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Guam Beach Family Portraits are seriously my fave!!! Well, I better hope they are because I am kind of surrounded by them. Haha! They are so much fun and that cool ocean breeze is just heavenly.

Little Kai and his family came from Japan to vacation on the beautiful island of Guam! Exciting, right! When Kai’s mommy, Rie, emailed me to set up a family session during their time here, I was immediately 110% ready to capture some great Guam Vacation Photos for them! I can’t even describe how flattered I was to be searched, found, and commissioned by this wonderful Japanese family as they enjoyed their time in Guam. This lovely family was such a pleasure to be around! So many laughs, sweet moments, and a whole lot of love in their family photos!

Guam Beach Family Portraits aren’t just for the locals, but for the vacationers as well! Talk about one super awesome holiday card that many of your family and friends would love to get in the mail!

If you are vacationing here soon and Guam Beach Family Portraits sounds like a great idea for you and your family/spouse, here are some tips for you!

Guam Beach Family Portraits Tips:

1) Google Search the type of photographer you are looking for.

Examples are:

  • “Guam Family Photographer”
  • “Guam Couples Photographer”
  • or just “Guam Photographer”

Whatever the keywords are, just search exactly what you are looking for.

2) Check out all the links that Google Populated for you.

I like to look at the first 5 or so pages due to my busy schedule. Browse through as many as you would like, of course. If you find a photographer that is just meant to be, great! If you found a few prospects, go ahead and reach out to those you are interested in to check on availability.

Another tip is to make sure that you connect with your photographer on a personal level. Connecting with your photographer wonderfully makes your session go by much more fun and pleasant.

3) Booking Guidelines.

Once you found the perfect Guam Photographer, make sure you book them to reserve your requested day. I always recommend getting your photos done toward the beginning of your trip. Why? Well, a couple reason actually…

  1. You are probably going to be sun bathing and playing on the beach. Which usually results in sunburns and vivid tan lines. Am I right!? Haha!
  2. Guam’s weather can be all over the place sometimes. If you schedule at the beginning of your trip and it rains, you still have time to reschedule for a later date, while you are still here! This is so very important.
  3. Your Photographer should help you choose a location that is within reasonable distance to your hotel, because cab fair can be rather pricy sometimes. So make sure they know where you will be staying ahead of time.

I hope I have helped you as your plan for your next Guam Vacation and with hiring a photographer while you are here. 🙂

Are you ready for MLP to photograph you and your family/spouse during your next Guam Vacation? Contact me here to get started!




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