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3 tips to prepare for Rain | Guam Family Photographer

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As a Guam Family Photographer I am going to share with you 3 tips to prepare for rain. I must prepare for rain at any time here in Guam. Rain clouds can completely form right before your eyes, as it did at this family session. It can also be raining in your front yard and not your back. Crazy stuff!

You guys, my swoon-o-mometer is like maxed out! Kind of just made that word up, haha! As a military spouse myself, I get to work closely with the families at Andersen AFB as a Guam Family Photographer. And man, these families so far have been freaking amazing! (Insert all the heart eyes you can find here!)

Can we talk about their outfits for a minute!? As a Guam Family Photographer, it is my goal to make sure you get the most out of your sessions. And that includes outfit selections! Chelsea did such and amazing job picking out outfits for her family photos! Absolutely perfect!

The Sherwood Family session was insanely awesome! About 10 minutes into their session, the sky went from blue with fluffy white clouds to a big grey cloud hovering just off the coast and threatening to rain on us! In Guam weather is very unpredictable and we just have to go with the flow. We decided to walk closer to an area where there is shelter nearby in case of rain. Thankfully, it only drizzled and we kept right on going! The majority of their session is a bit more moody due to the cloud, but dang you guys, those images are my favorite!

3 Tips to Prepare for Rain:

  1. Bring a change of clothes & towels

    If rain is on the radar but the sky is still a bit iffy, bring a change of clothes just incase it does rain down on you unexpectedly. No one likes to ride in a car wet, let alone clean a car that is soaked inside. This is also a great tip if your session is near the water period. Kiddos are adventurous, and sometimes photographers and clients are too. So bringing a change of clothes is ideal.

    And if you live in Guam, you know to always have towels in your car for many reasons like random beach stops and rain.

  2. Choose a location with shelter nearby

    For iffy weather, choose a location that has an sheltered area incase of a down pour. Sometimes rain in Guam will only last a few minutes or so, and it’s nice to have a place to hide under until the rain passes. So if you chose a location without shelter and rain is on the radar, have a second location in mind just in case. Plan B’s and C’s are a must.

  3. Bring along a quilt/blanket

    Sometimes I have families and kiddos on the ground sitting, but if the ground is wet that is just no bueno. Bring a blanket or quilt that you wouldn’t mind being in your photos with you so that you can protect your clothing from the damp ground.

So without further ado, I would love to share with you my personal favorites from my time with the Sherwood Family. Let’s just say it was super hard to not share the entire session with you! Ha!

Are you looking to book a Guam Family Photographer? I am confident that not only will you love your images but you will love your experience as well!

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