You guys, I just want to make one thing clear before I rave about this family. I am obsessed with being a Guam Beach Photographer now! I am so in my element here on this island and I am extremely head over hills in love with the fact that I get to share my passion with SO many wonderful families and couples during my time here!

I don’t just love being a Guam Beach Photographer, but I also love the jungles, downtown Guam, and many other places here. You name it, and that is where we will photograph for your session….unless it involved my camera going underwater. Speaking of, I really need to get a waterproof case for it. 😉 So, take that back, maybe one day I will take it underwater. Hehe!

So about this family…

The R Family arrived on Guam almost two months ago. And get this, they came from like five hours away from where I moved here from! Wild huh?! This family of three is one active and outgoing group of people. Pretty sure mom like lifts weights and stuff, and I was a little jelly of those amazingly toned arms of hers. Vanessa, spill it sista! 😛

Ava, like any toddler, was making sure that she explored as much as possible during their session. I know this is something my parents are always worried about during their family sessions, but honestly I LOVE capturing a child being themselves. They grow up so fast, which means their personalities, looks, and even their little quirks change oh-so rapidly. So it truly takes a huge weight off of their shoulders when they know that it is ok!

Please enjoy some of my favorites from the R Family’s session. If you and your family are ready for me to be your Guam Beach Photographer, contact me to get on the books.


July 10, 2016

Guam Beach Photographer | The R Family


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