Being a Family Photographer is so very rewarding on so many levels, this Guam Gab Gab Beach session is one ounce of proof to that statement. 🙂

This amazing Navy couple contacted me from a Japanese hospital. Toward to end of mom’s pregnancy she was being closely watched by the amazing doctors and nurses in the hospital. The newest little miss was born premature and is absolutely beautiful and perfect in every way! Big sister is so incredibly proud to take on her new roll and I am sure she will be one amazing helper and roll model! She is such a sweetheart!

Shortly after mom and baby were back in Guam, and reunited with dad and big sis, dad was set to head out for a handful of months. My heart goes out to this family for their insanely difficult obstacles and how well they are handling them! Kudos to you, and thank you both for your service! <3

During the M’s Family Session, it started to rain the minute we got out of our cars. So we all piled in my car until the cloud passed. About 10 minutes into their session, we had to jump back in my car to hide from the rain-again. Thanks to Guam and it’s hormonal weather. Haha! It was all well worth it, though. The sunsets after rain or a storm are always the best and my most favourite.

Thank you M Family for giving me the honour of photographing your family during this wild and beautiful transition in your lives! Hugs to you four and I can’t wait to show you your entire gallery!

If you are searching for a Family Photographer and would love to hang out with me at Gab Gab Beach in Guam, reach out! I would love to photograph your family!




July 21, 2016

Family Photographer | Gab Gab Beach Guam


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