Shijia and Jaikrishnan are from Singapore and traveled a little prior to arriving on Guam. These two are such wonderful people and such a beautiful couple! I picked up my couple from their hotel down at Tumon Bay. As they were walking to my car in their gorgeous Singapore formal outfits, I about lost it! I love culture and I love seeing so much of it in this wonderful photography life of mine.

We started out the session at Two Lovers Point in their formal Singapore outfits. Right as they finished changing their outfits it started to pour down rain! We sat in the car for a minute as I checked the radar. There was no end in sight for that down pour, at least for that evening. We ended up leaving and headed to the Hyatt to complete their session indoors.

The Hyatt is a beautiful hotel and we had to get creative. We just embraced the moment and had lots of fun! Even though we planned for a beautiful evening, Guam had other plans. I am so incredibly thankful for these two and their go-with-the-flow attitude. We could have opted to continue the session the next day but Shijia already had her makeup professionally done that day. I don’t blame her one bit! She looked beautiful!

Shijia and Jaikrishnan, you two were such an awesome couple to photograph. I only wish you the best as you plan for your amazing wedding back in Singapore and an amazing marriage for many years to come! Hugs to you both!! <3 Hugs, Myrna

Guam Pre-Wedding Sessions are one of my favorites! Let’s get yours on my schedule and have a blast! Email me!


November 26, 2016

Guam Pre-Wedding Session | Shijia & Jaikrishnan


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