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Dock Side Family Session | Allen Family

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I am sure that I can attest, along with many other people on Guam, that the Allen family is truly one-of-a-kind. Their kindness and willingness to help people out is like no other. Such remarkable people. Shalyn had told me that it was very possible that they would be buying a sailboat, we held off on the location plans until we found out for sure. When she told me that the sailboat was final, I freaked out with excitement! A dock side family session was the perfect fit for this family of four on their new sailboat.

The Allen Family is a super chill family. They embrace the little things in life. The things that mean the most. They like their family photos to be enjoyable, which means they all pick out whatever they want to wear and just have fun. I love their positive attitudes and their genuine care for everyone they run into.

Shalyn is the Owner and Real Estate Agent of Welcome Home Realty Guam. Her team is seriously the best when it comes to finding the perfect house to rent or buy on Guam. Honesty and fabulous customer service like no other.

The Allen Family, Thank you so much for everything you have done for my family! Your invites, offerings, and guidance in finding houses on island. Yall are the best! <3 Myrna


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