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The Smiths | Guam Cliffs Session

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The first session of 2017 with this super fun and chill family for a Guam Cliffs Session here in Guam. I don’t recommend a location like this for young kids. It was an adventure with breathtaking views for this family. Side note: I still feel bad for forgetting to tell mom about the little rocky trail, especially in those gorgeous heels she had on! Like seriously, you did way better than I would have! Haha! :/

The mama has three beautiful children, all unique in their very own way. It is amazing how kids living under the same roof can be so different. It’s just wonderful seeing who childrenĀ all become as the years go by.

Taylor, the oldest, is the more shy one of the three. He wears the big brother status well, especially with that flat bill. šŸ˜‰ You can tell Taylor loves his mama so much. He kept making sure she was ok with the different spots since she isn’t fond of heights.

Nathan, with his side swept (probably not the coolest name for it) hair, freckles and blue eyes. He is the silly one of theĀ three. He could totally be a male model in the future, though. Like seriously.

Hailey is the youngest. She is a sassy and super skilled with her selfies. I think I need to hire her to help me learn her tricks. She was super cute with her makeup and gold sparkly shoes. Every now and then she would do a little foot lift or get sassy with her hand on her hip. <3

Vanessa, you have such a beautiful and fun family. I know you are just so proud to be their mama. Thanks for choosing a Guam cliffs session with me! <3 XO, Myrna


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  1. debra Johnson says:

    I love them all Fam! Love and miss you all so much! Ya’ll look good. God Bless.

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