Akane & Akira traveled from Japan to be able to have [literally] the most perfect Guam beach engagement session. That evening was so perfect, I am not sure I quite have the words for it.

Let me first start by saying, it has been nearly a whole year since I have blogged! 2017 was a blur of greatness and I have no clue how days can even go by as fast as they did. I may not have blog posts to prove it, but 2017 blessed me with someone amazing sessions, scary but wonderful business ventures, and lots of personal growth. Here is to a fuller 2018 blog. (Raises glass)

Ok, let’s get back to this Guam beach engagement session. The couple showed up in such a wonderful and romantic wardrobe selection. Akane had her YouTube self-taught makeup, which I legit thought was done by a professional! High five, Akane!

In Guam we often battle with rainy weather, but this day…this day was perfect! The cloud’s positioning, the sunset, and that golden glow. My heart was oozing that evening.┬áThese two are already planning their next trip to Guam before we move for their next session with me. Don’t worry, that isn’t until the Spring of 2020.

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Akane & Akira’s Guam Beach Engagement Session Preview




January 9, 2018

Guam Beach Engagement | Akane & Akira


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