As a family photographer in Las Vegas, I recently had the pleasure of documenting a beautiful maternity session for a soon-to-be family of four. Their anticipation and excitement was so obvious and beautiful. We ventured into a mountainous view on the outskirts of Las Vegas to create lasting memories for this growing family.

Our maternity session began against golden lit open land lined with mountains, providing a stunning and timeless setting. The radiant mother-to-be, with her husband and their first child, showcased the love and connection that defines their family.

One thing that I love to make sure to capture at every session, is images that show size comparisons. For example, you will see a photo of a thirsty toddler drinking from her mom’s Pink Stanley Cup. This may seem like a silly photo to take. However, when she is 16 that photo will hold so much emotional value seeing how tiny she was against the large water bottle. Cue the tears.

The confidence and gentleness that big sis had in her new role, added a unique and heartwarming touch to the entire photo set. Her ability to switch from gentleness with mama’s belly to wild and playful with dad, just shows that she is going to be a wonderful big sister. We took advantage of the golden hour, ensuring that the warm, soft light enhanced the natural glow of the family, making each image truly enchanting.

As a Las Vegas family photographer, I understand the importance of creating images that not only tell a story but also resonate with the local area. The scenery served as the perfect canvas to celebrate the beauty of this growing family against the desert landscape.

Whether you’re a local resident or visiting Las Vegas, these maternity photos capture the essence of family, love, and the excitement of welcoming a new baby. If you’re considering a maternity session in Las Vegas, let this collection inspire you to celebrate your unique journey in a way that reflects not only your family but this beautiful city.

Looking for a Maternity Photographer in Las Vegas?

If you’re expecting and looking for a maternity photographer in Las Vegas to capture your special moments, reach out to me. I specialize in creating timeless and meaningful family portraits that tell your story in the most beautiful way. Book your session today and let’s create memories that will last a lifetime.

November 30, 2023

A Las Vegas Maternity Session


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