A month ago, I had the pleasure of photographing a Vegas family session at Ghost Town. Capturing the essence of a family that has mastered the art of staying connected in the most delightful ways. What made this session truly unique was the family’s commitment to fostering closeness through a Family Adventure book. A treasure trove of spontaneous and exciting activities.

This lively family, shared with me the secret to their weekend bonding rituals – the Family Adventure book. They scratch off the unknown event, unveiling a surprise activity that ranges from karate chopping piñatas to building obstacle courses in their living room. It’s a testament to their creativity and commitment to making memories together.

For their Vegas Family Session at Ghost Town, I encouraged them to bring the adventure book along with the necessary materials for the upcoming activity. The scratched off activity involved black light paintings with fluorescent paints on a black canvas. The family embraced the challenge, turning it into a memorable experience at the end of their session.

As we strolled through the rustic charm of Ghost Town, the laughter and shared excitement echoed through the deserted structures. Capturing moments against the backdrop of weathered buildings, old vehicles, and dusty trails. The adventure book added an extra layer of spontaneity to the session. The book allowed them to create an added layer of genuine interactions that reflected the family’s joy and unity.

This Vegas Family Session at Ghost Town was a celebration of a family’s commitment to staying connected through shared adventures. Their spontaneity, laughter, and creativity turned an ordinary day into an extraordinary experience. Proving that even with a teenager’s newfound independence, the heart of the family can thrive in the most unconventional ways.

Are you ready to create some unique and tailored memories for your family? I would LOVE to chat to craft the perfect experience for you and your family.


November 20, 2023

Vegas Family Session at Ghost Town


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